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tv   RT News  PBS  November 5, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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morning when when when when when when. the rta that election day twenty thirty hear us from new york city to miami beach unconventional candidates are shaking up the usual red vs blue politics in depth coverage of today's elections. just ahead and in washington state there's a major vote on labeling gmo foods. this initiative passes it would force biotech manufacturers to disclose the use of genetically modified crops more on a boat for greater transparency coming up. not in colorado there's an initiative to divide the state's eleven counties in northeast colorado will vote on whether or not to secede. so were the chances
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of a fifty first state to play more later in the show i am. it's tuesday but work with five pm in washington dc and said saxon you're watching our tea. then we began with election day twenty thirty. that's right political junkies around the country can rejoice because big name elections are just reserved for even numbered years. they happen on aud never yours too. so let's take a look at the map the new jersey and in virginia voters head to the polls to elect a new governor. the new york city detroit and miami beach a new mayor will be like that although we should put an asterisk on the detroit mayoral races will explain a little bit later in the show there's some important ballot questions to be voted on in colorado and in washington. she states that made history last year when they legalize marijuana they're trying to make history this year with a vote on secession and a boat to
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require gmo way boy. now we're going to bring you coverage of all these issues throughout the show the weekend with the big races and our rt team of correspondents positioned up and down these coast. megan lopez in virginia. the stasi a church in a new york and perry and boring in miami florida. right let's get to admit it or share with you in virginia. what is the landscape alike in that stage we've got democrat terry mcauliffe leading republican tend to chameleon the governor race. it's been a battleground state in the past. plus there's a libertarian candidate in the mix here to help all this likely to shake out in the governor's race all sound the election had all the almonds in units and what a lot to be a really important really exciting election. however critics are saying that is my most boring elections in virginia history with the most of our candidates to ever want women to virginia governor's office
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so adorable on a political scandal but they had all those elements however it is not dwelling out numbers it is a little bit different than some the other elections that were seeing happen down play out around the country and the reason is that it is really just a stone's throw away from washington dc. so all my nose and federally if she is actually up back to the reactions of voters and the weight of the voter smoking in this state. now problem those issues that are affecting voters these days first the listing price range and areas of very high number of military personnel at winning in that verging on but the pentagon and whatnot and various military installations. house of that but obviously play a bigger role in how they gave bonds another issue that's really playing a big role it is that the government shutdown. that lasted sixteen day is so over information the blame for the government shutdown which i can fax sway the vote against kent and smelly the republican tea party candidates here. however on the other end of this
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spectrum of the obamacare affordable care act fallout was disaster is to say the least. so i could in fact the play out against terry mcauliffe and particularly considering the fact they can't reach an alley was the efforts of three general tool that ensued the obama administration for the affordable care act. that was just next to another issue that's really playing into the virginia elections is obviously money. this is shaping up to be one of the mocha expense of the elections and virginia's history. ten person only has about ninety million dollars and is out war chest so to speak and then terry mcauliffe has raced twice that with thirty four million dollars and a lot of sad that none of that money is actually being spent on gas but despite all this the one person is actually a piping hot and the drops are that he is a libertarian candidate that third party can in on the balance right now he is risen less than three hundred thousand dollars but despite that he has been falling throughout the election cycle at about eight to ten percent so obviously it could be
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selling this to be a litmus test for the fact that people are at the top of the two party system. let's talk more about this third party candidate the libertarian robert service she said that the republican and democratic candidates are sub par what's a third party candidate mr service hoping to accomplish that. now what's the rba's is now very realistic about his prospects of winning this election obviously you cannot win this election with a ten percent above. however he is still very optimistic that it's fine to me that ten percent mark. this is why it is important because it isn't in his election code if you reached ten percent of the previous election the party's name is gary speed on the next election a ballet so his and his party the libertarian and if he reads at ten percent would be guaranteed for twenty twenty one am. it's so obviously this could be monumental for third party candidates now in order to garner that that that ten percent. he's going to need about two hundred and
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fifty thousand votes there's an eight million voters day and virginia eight million residents anyway and the associated press is predicting that forty percent of the people actually turn out so is the need to garner had better not to think of the amount of votes. however the other thing to mention about the monumental importance of this ten percent is the enfield be allowed to be included in the debate so it means that in the future libertarian candidates will have more face time. i don't spend that time that they have to spend an evening. consisting to get their name on the price now in the primary ballots for the election. it certainly would be helpful for third party candidates are there certain york city where honest us to church at discovering the many oral race. there we have democratic candidate bill the lawsuit is expected to be a republican joe won in a landslide. and that not only does he look set to become the first democratic mayor never died twelve years in york. he also seems to be anti bloomberg type politician. i know he's using his kids go to school. what
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does this tell us about the changing political landscape in york and people's moods in general men seven. well as am i think the one that's telling us is that after twelve years of mayor bloomberg outside the city is ready for some change because you know we have to keep in mind that woman has been in one of the richest men in the united states has been pretty consistent in terms of his eye support for wall street we've seen a huge a gap played well for quality come out in the list in recent years in the attack in new york city on and the old these issues new yorkers seem to move to be ready to have tackled and certainly understand that the democrat bill the blahs eo seems to be odd least for now the person officially saying that's what i do but relax me i'd want to tax the rich. i want to put an end to the controversial stop and frisk policy. i want to be able to make this enormous gap between the rich and pour in new york city much lol and try to eradicate it and doubt find affordable
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housing for so many people in your city that mean it and certainly these are all issues that resonate with the yorkers these days and it seems that they explain exactly why i see as i expected to win in this landslide election and curiously we cannot not point out that these are all issues that were brought to the line lights out back after the financial crisis of two thousand in the east specifically underlined by the occupy wall street movement and this ah particular candidate is now seems to be voicing these concerns concerns of the story about over ninety percent not ninety nine percent versus the one percent that have been suffering for all these years that in new york city specifically what's interesting is really fun when a candidate speaking to the art department but this is in the city where mayors have been very cozy with wall street so how can policies of taxing the rich and doing something about wealth inequality. how realistic is it that they can be implemented here. while sound that is the real question you know because we've certainly
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seen many politicians in the last over the years promising certain changes and not really following up on those promises so that something that a political reality that we're going to see and in that time after the selection but certainly it's going to the embattled wall street's you know does have a huge impact and is used to having this very cozy relationship with that in the era but new york city. so as if this on flights are actually does continuing his priorities don't share. it really looks like i know it's going to be quite a battle here in usa but it's not just in a wall street also that controversial stop and frisk policy that of the has been supported in courts of appeals recently saw this really is going to be a question of how much is he willing to stick to things he's promised to really follow up on these changes that new yorkers are elected him for bread roll will have to say on that in less than a miami beach where art is pretty boring as covering the may oral election which is probably one more entertaining races in the country is a nonpartisan
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election which is made for a fairly colorful field of candidates. i can give us an idea of some the characters out there period. yet extremely interesting for one we have that of philip levine he is at a mall type multimillionaire he is the ceo of the braille media partner is and he has spent one point five million dollars of his own money to fund his campaign for possession and that only pays about ten thousand dollars he has hired in the best people money can buy to run his campaign. even the former president us that a former us president bill clinton to come down to miami and the support him. so i've he's running against a character named sassy parking is quite the character he's a entertainer he retired from comedies also am a former pro tennis player is thirty two years on he graduated from yale and his last four meetings on government transparency. he was open up the books at city hall he also wants to hide to
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criminalize marijuana anyone still as taxation of police brutality and when the major issues that kai is eyeing national headlines here in miami beach forward talk more about steeper tube you've highlighted number over the last few days. as you mentioned this kind of got this unconventional pass for a politician former tennis player former comedian eyes running on a platform like legalizing marijuana is the curly is so decadent tv to film crew during this whole race. kenny actually when and how his tactics proven unconventional but effective down there that miami beach male rats. while his eyes hiding in the polls with levine even though levine has abstention nearly one hundred to one so he does have a good chance that he ran in two thousand eleven for the first time. annie got thirty percent of the boat van so that today is gonna be you know various things see exactly how this got him set up of the sunken eyed non traditional tactics of reaching voters have entered
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comedy which has proven to be extremely successful for him he had these youtube videos that have gotten millions and millions of hits on the twenty five fifty million hits. i dunno people from all across the country are listening to his message. i ended and that you've gotten the attention of anti be too late into the few has been falling in around for the past couple months and are making an entire documentary on this campaign whether or not he wins today for a night you still have been extremely successful and has brought so much attention to its clients. alright so luckily around the country this election as archie correspondence made in lopez in virginia. ss teacher can in your compare and boring in miami florida was checked in with all of you already pm when the polls start closing detroit voters are heading to the polls to select a new mayor. but it's an election unlike any in the city's history. only with the expected winner might do in the first white mayor the city since nineteen seventy four but also right
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now. detroit is not even under the control of its mayor or locally elected representatives. but instead under the control of a financial manager appointed by governor rick snyder was in charge of managing the city's descent into bankruptcy. so the winner of today's merrill action but very little power. instead you work under emergency financial manager kevin or less full powers over the city's budget meeting the new mayor will have to get orders approval on any new spending. while both candidates are running for mayor of detroit stand opposed to the financial manager in charge of their city. neither they nor the voters have any power the selection to remove him when governor rick snyder has the power and all senators refused to endorse either candidate for mayor he has supported his financial manager insists the city of detroit w will be under kevin or is controlled through the bankruptcy process. so it's an election in name only in detroit today
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now up to washington state were the gmo industry finds itself in another fight against transparency. on the ballot there is an issue that five twenty two for two wires companies to label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. washington state is turned into a california failed to do last year which become the first state in the nation to pass gmo away boy. with an eighty percent of packaged foods in the united states contain gm us now with this tidbit has attracted an enormous amount of money a lot coming from our the state of washington so far supporters of gmo labeling requirements have raised more than seven million dollars in their efforts mostly from thousands of individual donors. but on the other side. opponents of gm or labeling listed biotech companies like monsanto dupont have raced three times is much more than twenty two million dollars net cash influx has significantly move the polls. survey of likely voters in september showed the labeling measure passing with two thirds of voters in
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support and twenty two percent against. now those numbers have narrowed with only forty six percent in favor and forty two percent opposed. we saw a similar poll shift in color california last november just before the gmo way to a measure was defeated. for more on this i was joined earlier by alexis been in my ear. clinical director at the organic consumers association and asked what this initiative in washington which specifically do. in contrast with ninety three percent of the is demanding our rights and no black fact that our right to know if my food contains genetically modified organisms. it's very very important for consumers to be aware of this issue that unfortunately only about twenty six percent of the american actually knows they're already eating gmo foods. but the american medical association came out recently and seventeen gmo foods should have been safety tested before we started eating them and they weren't the american academy of
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environmental medicine doctors are defacing not quite as powerful if the inmate. but still a great group. lots of phish and the thing that the unseen problems in their case and now that they believe are related to shia mosque. these include concrete gastrointestinal problems allie she is even on tiffany be linked to eating gm must say i don't just a common sense or that people should have a right to know what they are being there's also a whole medical dynamics there is this is definitely not a settled question science whether these foods are healthier for you yet. i miss the enormous amounts of money flowing into it. opponents of gmo labeling mostly this gmo companies like monsanto dupont. um has spent twenty thirty million dollars in this race defeated the did the same thing in california what's behind this why are they so adamantly opposed something just as innocuous as labeling their products. i think a coast to the question of whether they can muster safe to eat if they're not
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thinking like they've been feeding us. kristen is actually. and they're not going to want to admit that glue the money is having a profound effect on me and i remember last year. you want to talk about this issue in california in the polls show that this was going to pass overwhelmingly. and then monsanto dupont and the rest to come and dump as a million dollars in the polls to suddenly ship like that. no and i just mentioned in the intro to hear that the polls for similar overwhelmingly people supporting the gym the labeling all this money gets something in the polls change. why why is money having such an impact on this issue and could it be that supporters of gmo labeling we're not doing the work that needs to get the message out through this money is there more that they can be doing the completed the spotlight this time because the mass and i mean yes i have intended that the companies are opposed to consumers right now. it is time consuming is that yellow
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labels are fine but that miss belle while and get the voters the html labels that voters want the no side has focused on preceded probably made out exemptions and loopholes that don't actually exist and a lot to deal some kind of focus on extra costs that will produce company that strives to make the cost of living cost for every company to take the gmo in creating and out of their contacts and they say that side of the cost to label the product labels are for actually cost less. so most of the most of the money is coming from the opposition side this is funneling misinformation that is because they can't win by saying the docket for consumers right now and as a result of the citizens yet another elections and allowed all this money to flow in these elections it's really hard to kind of speaker a lot about the misinformation that's coming up. california tried to become the first and last year to to require jim ole boy in washington i was trying to become the first state to do it. how important is it for that first aid to
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break through what might we see in the national landscape once one state us succeeds in passing gitmo are going to have a ripple effect across the country are now already more than half of the thieves had introduced legislation to label him out and we will be away at new legislation being passed all across the country if we went today much to complete the medicines for the citizen is sticking around in distance to make sure that show that im only plan fails but will have to see what happens right. but to spit in my ear political director to read in a consumer's association painted. by sheer colorado voters made history joining washington voters to become the first states in the country to legalize marijuana. well this year some colorado voters are trying to make history again by succeeded in becoming a fifty first state. arches were in apartheid is in colorado with more. in a state of five point one million people. democracy is failing the minority. and a battle to break away has begun work on address the systemic issue within
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the country which is this rural versus urban divide let the colorado counties approximately four hundred thousand citizens are voting on a ballot initiative that would keep the weight of the fifty first us state the urban areas can assert her well against the rural communities and that it is like tactics without representation and that the role can you still have a voice to block the things that are being forced upon them. earlier this year colorado's democratically controlled legislature exert its power by passing laws here's the unpopular in the north eastern wall parts of the state of montana historic gun control laws and me and eating only rural areas to produce twenty percent of their energy from renewable sources. a move officials say will cost farmers and ranchers while also raising the cost of the electricity urban legislators include one
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standard on rural colorado exempted themselves out of that same standard for their fervent constituents. one might call at turin in my thirteen years plus and the mechanic pressure. i have never seen folks. this frustrated this disk contents and the spilling of distant disenfranchised. in addition to sending a message to lawmakers here in denver supporters of the fifty first dates say their ballot initiative also serves as inspiration for the many other us cities and states with their own secession movements. i get phone calls and a regular basis. least once a week from citizens in other states that same day readers don't know how you doing to us from vermont to a north carolina to texas and california. the us has seen a rapid spike in secession movements policing across the nation in the past decade as the united states has grown extremely divided. i hope that there's a recognition that home and
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disconnected. it's not just here in colorado but in other states. and at we need to begin to address the problem the problem of america's partisan politics extends all the way up to the top. last month's dysfunctional stalemate in washington because as sixteen date government shutdown. next the pianist is going to be more than likely twenty fourteen and statewide ballot initiative which everybody this they reveal the vote the point which to redraw the boundaries of the stick on it. however these coveted swing state can only be torn into with the approval of u s congress. powerful legislative body. known best for its own failure at reaching a compromise its green up or die and our team colorado. elections to activism in the uk edition is guy fawkes day commemorating the guy that read the book the british parliament on the state more than four hundred years ago. based in part the graphic novel and later movie v for vendetta guy fawkes is this it has been immortalized on masks
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masks that were frequently worn by members of the occupied movement and masks that have become the symbol of internet activist group known as anonymous. well today are not as cold on millions around the world to turn out major landmarks is part of the million mast march against billionaire bankers and corporations were corrupting politicians in perpetuating injustices around the world. really sick with a more than four hundred locations around the world including britain are in washington dc and in los angeles. that's where our teacher mom glenda has our report the city of seattle from the vintage year in los angeles in the city citing the guy fawkes mask are protesting against corruption around the world. i am tired of it was a time and i'm tired. the wedding i have an
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email directly to me. it was displeased with the status quo. so yesterday. continue educating. in the new ordinance activists linked to the online activism been going on in this helps organize the noon mass march which is supposedly taking place in dozens of cities across the us for the magical plain that this event aims to help bring back then as justice and freedom in the system. my dad actually did. many now and can retire and instead phil slater noah it just depends how to fly right now. meat and supporters held that the children to obey to know at the white house and know that you have rested right now from genetically modified foods that are reserved to most readers here express them in concert with the wrinkled sure of our politics and art work. their hope in the east side is a lake in the to many moms
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they're not gonna meet other conditions to impress. in the center listed among the end of the team we are and don't do business with that letter. sin entered into a malaysian defence contractor at the center of a bribery scandal rocking the us pentagon. so here's the story. a navy commander stands accused of passing along confidential ship ralph's which is a major national security breach. to leonard francis senior or that leonard who runs a defense contractor known as g d and k now without one or to use this information to build the us navy out of millions of dollars in fuel food and other services. it's alleged that his company deep run in the us navy out of ten million dollars in just one year in thailand. in return for the information that leonard wood head of dates or bribes including when god got tickets and prostitutes. so far four people have been arrested including fat leonard and the navy commander selling secrets as well as another colleague of whiners and a senior navy investigator was kidding
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about leonard informed of the investigation the pentagon believes more people will likely be included in this massive bribery scheme. us secretary of state john kerry is in poland. instead he tried to use concerns from allies over the nsa spying programs promising that a review of surveillance activities will strike the right balance between security and privacy we've heard a lot of talk lately about striking balances. kerry also advise allies not to let others say revelations given the way of trade deals between europe and united states. u s defense contractors are trying to get involved with the forty five billion dollar upgrade to an air base in central poland. and talks are underway of a new and much broader eu us trade deal. but as a result of this than we expected shaken up. all this comes as new allegations are level that the uk spy agency in gc hq. a close partner of the nsa over whether or not the brits are still spying on
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the germans. art is pure oliver has more. the case of another day another case of ally is spying on each other this time it's the third of the british it seems. these allegations and dawkins lead by edward snowden suggest that on the roof of the british embassy here in the wind i was laid on the roof listening post. now if that's the case becomes just a week after the united states that supposedly removed and listening post of their own all the rain from their embassy which is just next door to the british embassy here in the gym and capital now. there is t argumt this cerinly goi to repercussns from this event turns tt true that the british base the sale in peace with cikg be called in to intercept next on the roof of their embassy am. it's only going to be toxic or relations between germany and britain to close allies within europe and it also comes a time when
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given the day officials might get some kind of agreement on milk spying on each other said all of this information coming out. it seems that relentless passion showing that all of these people who held hands with friends around the world will secretly listening in to what each other with doing now it's been said that if one of the eu have asked david cameron's british government told the un says omits the british government said well it's a matter of securitnd ty don't comment on matters of security it all seems like it very easy to feed him f that certain to be repercussions from it and it does seem that. well just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that the body isn't buying one those are just pure oliver and berlin germany and finally said i spent much of last week covering the problems with the health care dr website in a contentious hearing on capitol hill with health and human services secretary kathleen civilians and all
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the coverage. erm cnn. it's lowest weekly ratings of the year that the streets an average three hundred and five thousand viewers. would it not only be on msnbcnd fox but also behind headline news and cnbc. but you can't blame stand and editorial decision. all the major cable news networks covered obamacare issues last week the only difference is republican and democrat partisans stuck to their own msnbc and fox news camps to hunker down for the debate leaving cnn behind without the new dealers. so what does this tell us all sit in audiences which normally like watching hearings and trials to so long as their blockbuster murder trials like to see anthony dirty areas for george them are men just don't like the partisan political here. it's interesting when cnn's best night of last week was on friday recover the shooting of los angeles international airport. two you can beds and is already gearing up for
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the trial of daylight and sugar. does it for now. for more the stories we covered the youtube dot com slasher to america. check their website. archie dot com pletcher said. you follow me on twitter as sensex to the care they can. i do let daddy withs on this edition of me signing wednesday november six and catherine comanche intel camp the international atomic energy agency is sending memory monitoring and spirits into japan and they were given by some the problem of the media like deep water leaking from the crippled or she might die. she claps the global nuclear watchdog says. two members of its marine environmental laboratory in my


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